Coleford Area Walking Festival | 1. Coleford Circular Walk
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1. Coleford Circular Walk

1. Coleford Circular Walk (full) – 14 miles – Strenuous – 09:30 – £5

    A Walk around Coleford in the wood edge, fields and lanes. Start and finish at the Angus Buchanan recreation ground. This walk can be completed in two halves with part two taking place on Saturday 18th – transport back to the start will be provided for those wishing to drop out at the half way point.
Pass through The Scowles, Whitecliff, Pingry Lane, Clearwell Meend, Sling, Ellwood, Dark Hill, The Purples, Worcester Lodge, Perch Lodge, Five Acres, Joyford, Christchurch, Marian’s Enclosure, Marys Lane and back across fields to the Angus Buchanan recreation ground.