Coleford Area Walking Festival | 11. Coleford’s Daisy Chain
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11. Coleford’s Daisy Chain

11. Coleford’s Daisy  Chain 

Monday 6th September 14:00 £3

Get to know your local paths by using this walk which takes a looping in and out of Coleford using the many footpaths and tracks that leave from the town. Each section loops back to the centre allowing walkers to opt in or out depending on ability.

Starting from the Tourist Information Centre the walk starts off up Gloucester road taking a loop up towards the new playing field then back to the main road, across at Poolway Farm and along footpaths to come out above Coombs Park. Then the next loop goes around Sunnybank and up Staunton Road then along past Owens Farm and out onto the Buchanan Recreation Ground. A return down Victoria Road is possible here. Next using footpaths go down and across Newland Street and up to the Suntory Factory entrance. There are several paths back to the town centre along this route if required. Passing across to Crucible Close take the path onto the railway line then across the golf course up to Coalway Road, follow this turning on to the Bells Field and back to Gloucester road via footpaths. The final loop then goes round the side of housing into Parkside and around Dora Matthews House and back to the start.