Coleford Area Walking Festival | 21. Greathough Brook Beaver Project
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21. Greathough Brook Beaver Project

Greathough Brook Beaver Project- a look at history in the making- Greathough Brook Beaver Project.  £5

Recently introduced to help with control of flood waters through the Lydbrook Valley, this pair of breeding beavers sees the return of another lost animal to our rural life.  This walk will help you identify signs of the beavers’ existence and the work that they are already undertaking.  Parking and meeting point is at Piano Corner on the Pludds road off the A4136 at Brierley.
The walk is about 2km around the perimeter of the fence lasting about 1.5 hours. The first half of the walk is on hard stone track, the second half of the walk involves a steep bank (which can be very muddy)  however walkers can opt to retrace their steps to avoid this section.
Join Forestry England staff as they give a guided walk and talk at the Greathough Brook Beaver enclosure.  Find out more about the 3 year trial and see the changes the beavers have made to the valley so far.  Numbers are limited so advance booking is required.