Coleford Area Walking Festival | 6. Mugglewort Wood Geology Trail
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6. Mugglewort Wood Geology Trail

  1. Mugglewort Wood Geology Trail – Approx 2 miles – Moderate – £5

    This walk traverses the Blaisdon Fault, part of the major Malvern Fault system, forming the western edge of the Severn Vale and the eastern, upturned edge of the Forest coalfield. Multiple movements on the fault over hundreds of millions of years have severely deformed the rocks, which range in age from the oldest (Silurian, fossil-bearing tropical marine mudstones and limestones) to youngest (Triassic hot desert mudstones and sandstones) in the Forest. Spectacular scenery caused by this geology. Park near the old Sunday School in Flaxley SO693151.

    Duration 3 hours (3pm-6pm)  Length 3km One climb of 80m over 700m, one relatively steep descent Several stiles Could be muddy after rain: footpaths, tracks, trackbed of disused railway, country lane

    Walk level easy to moderate. Wear boots with ankle support and good grip (uneven ground, especially near rock exposures)

    Red Hart in Blaisdon for those desiring refreshment afterwards!

    NB This walk lasts 3 hours because there will be frequent stops to look at the scenery, examine rocks, structures and fossils, ask questions and hopefully have them  answered! This is not a walk for those who wish to cover a lot of ground in a short time!

    Sponsored by: Foresters’ Forest Heritage Lottery Funded Project