Coleford Area Walking Festival | 4. Staunton Geology Walk
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4. Staunton Geology Walk

4.  Staunton Geology Walk 

Saturday 4th September 10:00 free

A 2km walk with one climb and no stiles. Park behind the village hall. 

Valley eroded in easterly dipping Lower Limestone Shales and Tintern Sandstone between resistant Carboniferous limestone (old quarries) and Quartz conglomerate (exposed on the ridge as the Buckstone).

Led by Dave Green, a local geologist, this guided walk is provided by ‘Geology of Our Forest’, a Foresters’ Forest project funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, also supported by Gloucestershire Geology Trust.

Great views west towards Monmouth and south down the Wye Valley.

Possible 2.5km extension to Suckstone and Near Hearkening Rock (both just outside the Forest boundary)