Coleford Area Walking Festival | Walk 20: Sunday 20-May-18 Churches Pilgrimage
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Walk 20: Sunday 20-May-18 Churches Pilgrimage

Meeting in the car park at Broadwell Social Club walkers have the chance to experience the spirituality to be found in the beauty of nature and in the historic buildings on this strenuous route which will take in Staunton, Redbrook, Newland and Clearwell.

The ancient idea of pilgrimage is embraced by many faiths and is about spiritual exploration, but is also about companionship. At each stop there is a chance for worship but with the freedom of opting in or out.

Lunch can be provided at Newland Church at a cost of £5 or walkers can bring their own.

Place:  Broadwell Social Club, North Road, Broadwell, Coleford  GL16 7BG

Time:      9:15am

Distance: 8.5 miles

Duration: 7 hours